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From thousands of Digital marketing agencies in Pakistan, we stand out with professional Google certified and Paid Online Advertising experts. We help our clients in advertising their products and services on Google search engines worldwide. Consequently, you would get more consumers and customers for your business. Creative Mortals owns the most experienced as Google Ads experts in Lahore to drive the most beneficial results. We are confident in our PPC management services in Pakistan as our campaign is according to the client's target audience, location, product, and services keywords. Don’t need to worry about how much does Google Ads cost? Creative Mortals proves to be the most beneficial paid online advertising partners as PPC Management services in Lahore.


Our PPC Process

Our 5 step PPC process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Discover how PPC can build your Business

You can actually generate clicks on your website with PPC management services. You just need to pay Google a small fee and PPC management for small businesses will convert into a worldwide business. Here is how pay-per-click marketing is beneficial for everyone.

According to research its states that searchers mostly click on the paid searches displayed on the top. Besides, Google has created an excellent formula to ensure the PPC ads being displayed meet the user’s needs.

Pay per click advertising is equally beneficial for both ends. As searchers reveal their intent to search for something in the search engine. The advertiser can have a check and balance of the quality traffic resulted by search engines.

Search Engines display the results that are most relevant to the user search. Thus, when your data have got extra power energy of PPC advertisement then there pretty good chances to observe improved results.

Discover how PPC can build your Business

Google Ads Pay Per Click Marketing:

Google Ads are actually Google AdWords – it is the most famous PPC model where the users bid on specific keywords and pay for every single click on their advertisement. Google campaign management has a pool of bidding advertisers and every time it chooses a winner to appear in the ad space. The winner of advertiser every time when a search is initiated Google depending on certain factors. Besides, the quality of content, keywords, and ad text information are factors that affect your ranking in search engines.

Viewing it from a closer angle, who is appearing on the page and where it depends on advertiser’s Ad Rank. It is a metric calculated in AdWords Management by multiplying two factors; CPC Bid and Quality Score. CPC bid is the highest amount an advertiser is willing to spend in a PPC advertising campaign. Whereas, Quality Score is a value that is determined on basis of your click-through-rate, landing page quality, relevance, and other technical elements.

Thus, by taking account of these factors you can make your PPC ads campaign management the most result-driven.

AD Ranking = CPC BID ( maximum bid specified for a keyword) x Quality Score ( website relevance and quality)

Google Ads Pay Per Click Marketing:

Why Pay Per Click Marketing best for your business?

The actual truth behind PPC advertising all over the world is that it works for almost all kinds of businesses. PPC management services can help you sell products through your e-commerce websites as well as generate more leads for services-based businesses. Along with enjoying the financial benefits of a PPC management firm, your business also enjoys brand awareness and even drive foot traffic and phone calls to local stores. However, you can only drive the best results from pay-per-click marketing campaign management following few best practices.

Moreover, PPC advertisement services offer unique opportunities to:

  • Reach to the right customer/audience who is specifically looking for your product or services. It makes both visitors and advertisers reach the right person without any interruption.
  • PPC pricing is very few dollars that every small business can afford it. Thus, letting you enjoy ROI more than your expectations.

Why Pay Per Click Marketing best for your business?

Importance of Keyword Research

The whole PPC advertisement campaign depends upon your keyword research. Most of the successful Google advertisers have their scale growing as their keyword lists remain updated timely with targeted keywords.  Ideal Keyword research does not only rely on Keyword Planner who have to cover the relevant areas. However, everyone will be missing out on lots of valuable, long-tail, relevant, and low-cost keywords in their first campaign. To create an effective PPC keywords list remember the following points:

  • Relevancy
  • Long-tail Keywords
  • Refining and Expanding Keywords

Importance of Keyword Research

PPC Marketing Campaigns Management

Once you have created a new campaign but the work does not end there. Pay per click management team is required to regularly work to make the campaign most effective. In this regular management of PPC advertisement campaign, Google ads and AdWords account analyzes are most important. You can draw a big difference by following adjustments to optimize the advertising campaign.

  • Update pay per click campaigns with relevant keywords to your business.
  • Add Negative Keywords to improve campaign relevancy and reduce wastage as well.
  • Improve your CTR (click-through rate) and quality score. This can be done by splitting ad groups into relevant and smaller groups.
  • Eliminate expensive and under-performing keywords timely from the pay-per-click campaign.
  • Moreover, modifying website content and CTAs ( calls to action) of landing pages can greatly boost conversion rates.

PPC Marketing Campaigns Management

Services We Provide Under Pay-Per-Click

Bring more traffic to your website with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

Google Ads Search Campaign

Show the right audience specifically searching for a particular niche with PPC Google Search Campaigns. Don’t miss even a single keyword, maybe it might the game-changing one!

Google Display Campaign

Make your customer believe in your PPC services as it’s the most reliable one. Google Display Campaign is the most efficient way to reach out to customers through the android devices.

Video Campaign

Nothing else can grasp the attention of customers as that visual content can. Create an engaging and appealing video to run Google Video Campaign.


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